1. What insurances do you take?
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Regence Plans of Oregon - Commercial Only
  • Pacific Source - Commercial, Exchange Coordinated Care
  • Samaritan Health Plans - Commercial Only
  • MODA - Commercial Only
PLEASE NOTE: The best way to find out if your claims will be paid in-network is to contact your insurance carrier directly and get specific details about your insurance plan before seeing us.
**Unfortunately, we are unable to accept patients who have medicaid insurance such as OHP, IHN, etc.

We currently are not contracted with:

Aetna, Providence, United Health Care, TriCare, Medicaid, or Medicare.

2. What if I have insurance that you are not contracted with?

  • For Medicare patients: You enter an agreement to be a private-pay patient. This is a voluntary agreement and you will pay for services rendered on the day of the visit.

  • For other Commercial Plans: Payment is due on day of service for fees rendered.  You are then able to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

Insurance is very complicated. There is no guarantee that services will be covered until your insurance information has been collected and benefits verified. We advise strongly that you contact your insurance company before scheduling with us to avoid unexpected charges.

3. Do you see injuries related to work or car accidents?

  •  Yes, but we do not bill insurance for injuries related to Personal Injury (PI) cases or Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries. You pay cash for your services and then you can submit the bill to the appropriate insurance carrier for your work related or MVA claim.

4. Can you be my Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

  • The role of a PCP is more of a care coordinator and because we are more a specialty clinic, our providers cannot manage and be available in the same way as a PCP.  Any of our providers - Dr Rummel, Dr Matsumoto, or Christy Rummel can provide services similar to a PCP in a very thorough and comprehensive way - , however it is often best to have both a general PCP designated and see us for additional holistic treatment plans - including functional medicine lifestyle plan, osteopathic manipulation, manual therapy, and if needed appropriate referrals.  Though if you have an issue, frustrated with the standard model of medical care, and taken the time to read this - we are great place to start and help you toward healing!