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Functional medicine is for you!

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Christy Rummel, FNP has trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine.  Her heart is to help you find root causes of disease by providing integrative diagnostics and therapeutic options to achieve balance and wellness.

Main Points of Functional Medicine:

  • Individualized and patient-centered.

  • Integrative science-based health approach that considers “upstream” causes stemming from a web-like interaction of:

    • genetics

    • lifestyle

    • environmental factors

    • history

    • physiology

  • Integrates best medical practices by helping educate and coach patients to understand and integrate true health changes using many avenues of intervention including:

    • lifestyle

    • nutrition plans

    • micronutrient support

    • detoxification programs

    • stress-management techniques

    • integration of other medical services and specialty treatments.  

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