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Initial appointments with Christy Rummel, FNP, will consist of a series 4 appointments, each approximately 60-minutes long, as follows:


During this visit we will go over your entire life health history. 

What to prep and bring to this visit:

  1. Relevant Past Medical documents, labs, or notes

  2. Bring the bottles of any medications or supplements you are currently taking.


Scheduled approximately one week after 1st visit. In this visit, Christy will help organized, educate and provide insight to the complex health issues, which often can help reveal what type of treatment approach can better target those imbalances. Then she will be able to recommend further tests, referrals, or initial treatment plan.

What to prep and bring to this visit:

  1. 3-day Diet History - either done electronically through portal or by paper.

  2. Forms through portal.


Scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks after the 2nd visit.  Usually this visit will be discussing results of initial tests which can also affect further recommendations for medications, nutraceutical prescription, nutrition plan, exercise, sleep, or other lifestyle plan.  Even if no tests or referrals are needed, this follow-up is important to continue the discussion on where you’ve come from and what change is needed to help the body with better health and wellness. 

What to prep and bring to this visit:

  1. Supplements currently taking or have questions about.

  2. A ready and willing spirit to change.


Scheduled 4 weeks after the 3rd visit. This is an initial follow up of the treatment plan that was recommended in the 3rd visit.