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Embrace a Community of Hope


Ambassadors Health Alliance seeks to partner with patients, payers and providers to maximize individual healing so that each person can pursue their passion and purpose as we all work and care for each other.


We strive to promote preventative medicine while leveraging resources from this conscientious-type healthcare.  Because we are based in an area amongst those fortunate enough to have access to this level of health care, we promote a model that gives back to our world and larger community.


Ambassadors Health Alliance is dedicated to best small business practices by providing exceptional healthcare that is cost effective for all parties. It's important for our group practice to give back to local and international humanitarian needs through patient directed giving of business profit.

Come visit our waiting room to see how you can elect where these resources are given. Or check out our current quarter's organizations here.


The vision of this practice:

  • Creates flexible and sustainable business practices that optimize individualized patient health care. 

  • Supports passionate, informed, and healthy providers

  • Gives back to those less fortunate. 

  • Encourages further discussions, metrics and options within the larger healthcare community.


The Vision is 3 interconnected parts:

  1. Provide the best community healthcare - for patient and provider.

  2. Give back to the world's least fortunate

  3. Change national healthcare by example and replication

Questions? Come see us and be part of our vision!

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