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Parking Tips

AHA is marked with the Red Pin


- Free Building parking (PURPLE):

There are 6 parking spots on the West side of the building, accessed from Van Buren street.

- Free Street Parking (BLUE):

To access you will get a few extra walking steps for the day before your appointment!  

- Paid Metered Parking (BLACK):

Surrounds much of the building on Van Buren, 5th, and 6th. Metered rates: $1 for max 2Hrs.


Recommend NEW PATIENTS to use parking areas highlighted in Blue or Purple, and not to use metered as your visit may exceed the max 2 hrs.

Areas that have the most availability are on 6th and 7th St, between Harrison and Tyler Ave. or on Tyler Ave between 6th and 7th Street.

AHA parking map.png


Red Pin - Our office

Purple - Main Building Parking,

Blue - Free Street Parking,

Black - Metered Street Parking.

Can you be my Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

The role of a PCP is more of a care coordinator for both chronic and emergent issues with evening and weekend availability. Although our osteopathic approach is comprehensive, we function more like a specialty clinic. It is best to have both a designated PCP and see us for additional holistic treatment plans - including functional medicine lifestyle plan, osteopathic manipulation, manual therapy, and if needed appropriate referrals.  Though if you have an issue, frustrated with the standard model of medical care, and have taken the time to read this - we are great place to start and help you toward healing!

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