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These are the current local and/or international organizations we have picked to give back to at the end of the quarter. We hope you add a vote after each office visit to direct the quarterly giving. 

Quarterly Giving

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Willamette Valley
First Responder Chaplains

Mission: To provide professional, culturally competent First Responder Chaplains, to serve the hearts and minds of First Responders and their families, while providing compassionate care to community members experiencing trauma and tragedy. Our role as Chaplains is to serve as Crisis Response Specialists to all people of all faiths or no faith.


Mission: To empower people who want to make the world a better place. We have since taken over 6,000 people to international locations around the world. We have worked with high school groups, college groups, families, church groups, doctors, dentists, lawyers, men’s groups, and more. Home building, water projects, school construction, medical assistance, special needs care, and helping children and youth find their way out of poverty have been our primary focus for some time.

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